Myers Auction

Office: 336-699-4123
Cell: 336-416-2888

Buying at Auction

When are your auctions?

Our schedule is often quite full with assorted specialty auctions, onsite auctions, and more – keep an eye on the auction calendar and keep checking back to see the latest schedule of events.


Can anyone attend an auction?

Yes, our auctions are open to the public. It is fun and fast paced – the auctioneer will ask for an opening bid from the crowd, from there the fun begins and the last bidder with their hand up is the winner.


Do I need anything special to attend an auction?

No, however, if you wish to bid you will need to register using a valid ID (driver’s license).


There is an item I want and I can’t attend/stay for the whole auction – what can I do?

Stop in, call or email and ask to leave absentee bids. This is the perfect choice for when your time is short or your commute is far. We do charge a 10% absentee bidders fee for this service. The absentee bidding process is simple. You will need to register via email or phone and detail the item/s you are interested in and give us your maximum bid. One of our staff will do the bidding for you – up to the maximum you specify (for example: if you leave a bid of $100 on an item and the bidding only goes to $75, you get the item for $75) plus the absentee fee. We will require a credit card at the time the bid is left.