Myers Auction

Office: 336-699-4123
Cell: 336-416-2888

Selling at Auction

What type of merchandise can I sell at auction?
We can sell almost anything – from entire household items to guns, coins, gold and silver, cars, trucks, tractors, and most anything else.  Generally we do not have a crowd looking to buy clothing, shoes, CRT TVs (the old, fat ones) or moldboard furniture (unless in very good condition).  Please contact us for any questions regarding specific items/collections for more detailed info.

How much do you charge to sell my property at auction?
We charge a flat commission fee based on the type and quality of items to be auctioned.  Give Lynn a call for more details at 336-416-2888.


How do I get my property into an auction?
Lynn will come out and look at the items for auction and discuss timing of any upcoming auctions or schedule an auction just for your property.


Other questions? Give us a call and we will gladly assist you in all your auction needs.